It is the damage of the ligaments and nucleus pulposus of Spinal cord, so that protruding nucleus pulposus presses nerve roots causing severe radiating pains. Cause may be trauma or injury to ligaments.

Here, homeopathy works very fast compared to other systems. In Allopathy, we have pain killers but they have to be taken daily for a long period. They have many side- effects like hyperacidity and bone marrow suppression.


Prolapsed vertebral disk, Operative procedures available are very costly and risky. They may cause paralysis of the affected body parts. So operations are accepted as last measures. They remove nucleus pulposus and fuse the vertebrae.

The same effect can be achieved with homeopathic medicine so pressure on nerves is relieved thereby relieving pain. In addition, homeopathic medicine acts on intervertebral ligaments as it stabilize spine also.

On average, the repair begin within 7 days of treatment and symptoms improve within 7-15 days. The repair completes by 2-3 months. It gives permanent cure. Success rate is above 85%. Medicines have no side effects.