MDR (Multi Drug Resistant) Tuberculosis Homeopathy Treatment

Multiple Drug Resistance Tuberculosis is a great menace to humanity. Recently, incidence of MDR Tuberculosis is on rise. Improper, inadequate and defaulting treatments are the cause. More than 10 million patients in India are of Tuberculosis. We generally give Five or Six drug combination to prevent resistance in bacteria, but, once, MDR emerges, we have to full back on second line of treatment which is weaker than primary drugs and have serious side-effects on prolonged intake.

Homoeopathy is a great boon to fight MDR tuberculosis, in all types of Tuberculosis, may be it be Pulmonary, Bone, Renal, Intestinal or Brain Tuberculosis (Tubercular Meningitis). It is effective in normal Tuberculosis also, but in primary course Allopathy has great appeal, so the choice is in its favour, but miserably in resistance cases, Allopathy fails, so homoeopathy becomes the prime choice.

Homeopathy works by raising immunity against Mycobacterium Bacilli , so we do not need such intensive course. Either in Primary Tuberculosis (non-resistant) or resistant variety, it acts alike. In both cases its effect starts in 15 days and course required is of 2 to 3 months duration. So, Homeopathy can be utilized in 3 ways. One, combine with Allopathy in primary course, so it avoids unnecessary drug resistance. Secondly, it may be given alone right in the first case for 2 to 3 months. With homeopathic medicine Pleural Effusion can be absorbed in 15 to 20 days without Pleural tapping. Third in all resistant cases, it may be used.  

Advantage of Homeopathic treatment In MDR Tuberculosis

  • Medicine is successful in fresh or resistant variety of, as it need not kill bacteria directly.
  • It acts equally in all varieties, whereas in Allopathy may need 18 months to 24 months to clear Bone TB. and it is not as effective in GIT TB as in Pulmonary TB.
  • It needs minimal surgical intervention e.g. Pleurisy, Intestinal TB or Bone TB.
  • It works fastest in tubercular meningitis in Pediatrics, where Allopathy is not quite successful. The child mostly dies or becomes mentally retarded.
  • It is cheaper. Economy is important factor as it is rampant in poor countries( and it’s a disease of poor) whose source are already compromised.
  • India has above 10 million patients, so at average expenditure of 1000 Rs per month for minimal 6 months it needs 60,000 million rupees to eliminate Tuberculosis at primary level which can cripple our economy, so with Allopathy you cannot eliminate TB completely. Homeopathic medicine and treatment is very cheap so even with limited economic resources, we can tackle epidemical treatment of Tuberculosis.
  • Homeopathic medicine have no side effects. Easy to take even by Children. Allopathy has Renal, lever, and eye toxicity.