In today’s competitive time, smart ,charming personality has a lot to offer to face the sharpness of the competition. There may be many causes of short stature or height but predominantly following factors rule its development.

  • Genetic / Racial factors :- e.g. Nepalese / Japanese
  • Hormonal factors:- Thyroid / Pituitary / GH
  • Nutritional factors:- Iodine deficiency / Protein deficiency / Protein deficiency.

There is no definite treatment in Allopathy for Height Increase except anabolic steroids. These steroids have no definite pattern of success rate and have severe masculinizing effect. So they have side effects so cannot be prescribed routinely. Nutritional help can help marginally except in severely deficient patients.

Homeopathic medicine have many constitutional remedies which can promote health of the individual. But they need to be prescribed on individual basis. Even then, it is not definite whether they will Increase Height in each and every case. Ayurveda do offer some medicines but their doses and dietary restrictions do not make them favorite. Moreover, their efficiency is not uniform.

So, Doctors at Speciality Homeopathy concentrated on selective formula which should help majority of children without much individualization. We had few criteria for ideal treatment in our mind. Our formula meets all of them. Same Homeopathic medicine increases Immunity patient very high so it also prevents recurrent attack of Fever, Cough, Cold, Bronchitis and other recurrent illness because of low immunity.

This formula helps in general majority of all children. It helps even if child’s height is normal considering parental heights and nutritional status. It does not link itself with hormones . It has no side-effects. It is palatable and easy to be taken by children. It requires no special diets or exercises. It has a long range of age group from 8 to 16 years to add to their height. Moreover, it has been noted that it has no relation with prepubertal surge in height.

Rather it raises height uniformly between 8-16 years group . It has no racial factors. Moreover, this increase in height adds up to the projected height of child. So it is additional gain apart from prepubertal surge. This additional height may from vary from 6 to 8 inches. It requires no special laboratory tests. Generally, the medicine works from the first month of treatment in majority of patients. This gain in height is maintained on monthly basis for 8 to 16 months at a stretch

Advantage of Treatment

This Medicine increases the immunity of children, this prevents child from getting repeated infections. Medicine is prepared from Plant Medicine.