Homeopathy Treatment

Falling out of the hair is a frequent sequel of acute diseases, especially fevers. But then the loss is only temporary, and it grows again when convalescence is complete. Early loss of hair is often constitutional and hereditary, and sometimes it is due to affection of the hair bulbs by disease. Ringworm rarely attacks the scalp of adults, though it does occur on the face and body.

There is, however, a disease in which the hair falls out in spots (Alopecia areata), usually the hair grows again as vigorously as before. Other major known causes are ph imbalanced shampoo and detergents, poor scalp hygiene, stress is major psychological factor, Hormonal imbalance, Hard Water and allergies.

General Treatment which was used before 100 years:

With most people the scalp secretes oily matter enough to keep the hair glossy and soft, and in this case there is no need for hair-grease of any kind. The head should be washed with soap once every two or three weeks, and oftener if the secretion of the sebaceous glands is very profuse. But too frequent washing impoverishes the hair. When the hair falls off rapidly, and is not replaced, the following hair-wash will be found of great use. Take of

Oil of almonds one ounce;
Olive oil one ounce;
Strong liquor ammoniae one drachm;
Tincture of cantharides half drachm;
Essence of bergamotte ten drops;
Spirit of wine two ounces;
Distilled water to six ounces;
A little of the wash to be rubbed into the hair roots every night.

Homeopathic Treatment

Natrum muriaticum [Nat-m]
Has the symptoms of easy falling out of the hair; it falls out when touched or combed. This is quite frequently seen in nursing home. Hair falling in children.

Carbo vegetabilis has falling of hair after parturition or severe illness.

Sepia has losing of hair after chronic headaches. During menopause.

Phosphorus. [Phos]
Bald spots on the head, which are dry and scaly, are characteristic of **Phosphorus. Dandruff, roots of hair get gray and the hair comes out in bunches. ** Graphites cures bald spots on the sides of the head. The head sweats easily. The most important remedy in alopecia areata.

Phosphoric acid. [Ph-ac]
Falling of hair from general debility. Premature graying of hair **Fluoric acid. Falling of hair from syphilis. As near specific as is possible.

Hair becomes frowsy and tangled; splits, sticks together at the tips; if these bunches are cut off, they form again, cannot be combed smooth.