Female Fertility Enhancement Treatment – Clear PCOS and PCOD

There are many causes for infertility in male and female patients . On average 10% of the reproductive couples may be infertile.

For our therapeutic purposes, we concentrate on few very common curable factors which contribute to a large population of childlessness.

In female infertility important factors are :

  1. Ovulation factors / hormonal factors
  2. Tubal factors – e.g. blocked fallopian tubes / damaged tubes
  3. Recurrent abortive factors – e.g. toxoplasma infection
  4. Nutritional factors
  5. Endometriosis
  6. Infective factors e.g. – genital TB / Mycoplasma infection / Gonococal infection.

Male Infertility Factor and Treatment 

One single factor of semen and sperm quality matters.
Common causes are :

  1. Oligospermia (number below 40 million /ml)
  2. Oligospermaesthenia (poor motility of sperm) 
  3. Blocked vas.

We tried to cover up to formulate for male and female causes. In male, we devised formulation for improving sperm quality by raising number and their mobility. In Oligospermia with or without poor motility was our main concern.

Here Homoeopathy was the best choice because:

  1. It has fastest response. Sperm count rises 5-6 times at least from the first month itself. So it requires short treatment of 2 to 3 months. ONLY.
  2. It improves motility percentage wise as well as grade wise. So number of sperms having motility rises as well as grade of motility improved from I or II grades to III rd or IVth grade. This raises conception rates.
  3. Since this male factor is the largest causative factor for infertility, our medicines helps a large number of infertility patients.
  4. It has no hormonal preparation so no side effects. It helps to raise sperm quality for longer periods, so no rebound phenomena as it appears as in hormonal treatment.
  5. It has no dietary restriction.
  6. It is easy to take and cheap.

Female Infertility Treatment: 

In cases of anatomical damaged tubes, homeopathy cannot help much, so operative procedures are better for it.

But for abortive factors, homeopathy is the best. Doctors at Speciality Homeoathy treated more than 1000 patients with above 95% success rate with medicine only. They had different causes like infection toxoplasma, rubella cytomegaly virus, or hormonal causes.

Here also the treatment is faster. It requires 2 months treatment to eliminate all important causes of abortions, post-treatment conception is generally safe up to 95% without any additional hormonal treatment or other measures like bed rest. Medicines are safe and have no side effects. Homeopathy has worked best in secondary infertility also with very high success rate.