“Sorry Ms. Aggarwal We cannot help you” said one of the topmost doctor of India. These are the words which still echoes in my ear. Well, my story begins with my Special child born with genetic disorder. He was just 8 months when we got to know about this disorder. Our life took the 360o turn when we got to know that my son will not be normal, he will not be able to walk, speak or play like a normal kid. He will be just a piece of loath. But as a mother I never lose hope for him I still believed in therapies and treatment I continued with these till he was 3 year old. Even I have to listen the things from the therapist that “MAM AAP AISE CASE KE LIYE BHI HOPEFUL HO”. FOR EVERYBODY MY CHILD WAS MERELY A CASE NOT A HUMAN BEING. After taking so many therapies my child was not recovering at all. He was still nonverbal, didn’t had social skills and no command following or recognition as well.

He was not a normal child. Time was flying from our hand and we were losing hope day by day till we met Dr. Ketan Patel through one of the common friend. When we met with Dr. Ketan Patel for the first time what he observed that my child being 3 year old was nonverbal almost speechless, zero understanding , no social skills, less movement and highly sensitive child to work with. He was knowing it would be difficult but not impossible. The two things about him I liked that firstly for him my child was not a case, secondly the moment he saw he diagnosed that he is having any genetic disorder. He assured us that he would be fine in coming time. He had given us the medicines of four months and asked him to put on gluten free diet.

We had started giving him medicines. During first months I have observed that my child has started giving eye contact to us and secondly he started name responding also. Till the completion of first four months my child has started to understand single word commands. During second visit to Dr. Patel, I told doctor that I am happy with my child progress but he said “there is far way to go”. He again gave us the medicines for four months. These four months we saw the major changes in my child. He started babbling and started understanding the command given to him. He started recognizing to us as their mother and father.

Four months passed, we again met him, he again given us the medicines and asked to visit in next two months. This time my child started speaking single words. Again we met him after two months, now the doctor was very much sure that my child will overcome the problem. Now it’s been two years in touch with Dr. Ketan Patel, and there is no looking back, my child is improving day by day.

He has started walking, speaking, and understanding commands and concepts, developed social skills. My child has started going school (normal) also. So Dr. Ketan Patel Thank You so much to make impossible to possible, thank you for filling happiness and joy in my child and of course in our life. I hope sir you will continue your efforts in bringing light in life of such special needy children.”