As on 4th May 2011

Mother of 2 years boy rang up me from CA USA on my cell 18 month back, Dr Ketan are you available at your clinic on 19th Dec 2009…. I said yes, … My child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I want your help to make my child Normal…I told her don’t give any vaccination from today onwards, I will guide further after consulting my associate pediatrician, mother agree with me,…Appointment fixed on 19 Dec 2009 Saturday.

Kevin aged 2 year Male come to my clinic with mother with all medical reports.. Non verbal hyperactive child with No eye contact, Difficult for mother to handle, not responds to any of request made by mother, crying with head banging, spinning with fingers, put hands over ear when noises.

After taking case history i have suggested them 4 month treatment and visit me after completion of treatment for follow up.

Again come back after 100 days of treatment, mother told me there are improvement in Eye contact, 10 clear single word and child starts following orders 3 out of 5, more tantrums and more hyperactivity twice a fortnight than again 10 to 12 good days but better than before, requested them to visit befor they leave for USA.. .

Regular follow up after 120 days … Homeopathic medicine for 2nd 4 month given and and i have told them to visit me again after 120 days…for 3rd round of treatment

Again they come after 123 days and took 4 month treatment…again they come .. total after 16 month of treatment I received mail from mother

Respected Dr.,

Kevin is doing very well. He is now not qualifying for speech therapy anymore, he passed the evaluation. He will still receive ABA and occupational therapy offered by state and we are also sending him for private therapy. We enrolled Kevin in a normal daycare preschool .The main teacher is good and taking good care so Kevin can understand her. He is doing good there.

Last medicine is now going to finish this week so I will start the new medicine next week and inform you about his progress.