Baby boy of 3 year 8 month from Mumbai India

Rizwan ( Changed Name ) 3year 8 month boy from Mumbai visited me on 7th May 2009 after 4 month of telephonic conversation as timings are not favoring for early appointments from both sides, from my side too much of traveling and family members are not ready to accept Homeopathy.

Fair Fatty Non Verbal Obstinate boy of 3 years 8 month from Mumbai bring to clinic by mother and 2 relatives, all the sign and symptoms of ASD, Neurologist of Mumbai diagnosed as High Functioning Autism, Medicine was prescribed to control hyperactivity and we are giving since last 3 month but not helping. Its difficult to manage this boy. He is on GFCF diet since last 3 month, we have got your reference from other parents, they insist your name and we meet their daughter who is taking your treatment.

I have write my observations and after completing history I requested them to visit clinic every 90 days, They come after completion of first 3 month medicine, next 3 month medicine given after observation… improvement starts after 120 days of medicine, again I have seen this boy after 3 month, boy started babbling and some time one unclear word, I have suggested them to go for Speech therapy.. Its best time.. Some how they are not managed speech therapist… Financial Problems.. Next 3 month medicine given.. Clear speech, 2 clear words together, more understanding, following his name and started following order too, Started learning A B C D and Numbers..

After regular follow ups and total 21 month of treatment… Mother bring her to me at Mumbai clinic in evening hours.. I ask him about his breakfast he replied correct… About lunch answer is correct…also he told me he will will go for Dinner at……. Restaurant for Biryani….

All developmental parameter achieved… Stopped medicine since last 2 month no regression… Only few tantrums twice / thrice a month.