Genetic Neuropathy having symptoms of Autistic Complex Disorder : Cured Cases

As on 4th May 2011

Mother of 2 years boy rang up me from CA USA on my cell 18 month back, Dr Ketan are you available at your clinic on 19th Dec 2009…. I said yes, … My child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I want your help to make my child Normal…I told her don’t give any vaccination from today onwards, I will guide further after consulting my associate pediatrician, mother agree with me,…Appointment fixed on 19 Dec 2009 Saturday.

Kevin aged 2 year Male come to my clinic with mother with all medical reports.. Non verbal hyperactive child with No eye contact, Difficult for mother to handle, not responds to any of request made by mother, crying with head banging, spinning with fingers, put hands over ear when noises.

After taking case history i have suggested them 4 month treatment and visit me after completion of treatment for follow up.

Again come back after 100 days of treatment, mother told me there are improvement in Eye contact, 10 clear single word and child starts following orders 3 out of 5, more tantrums and more hyperactivity twice a fortnight than again 10 to 12 good days but better than before, requested them to visit befor they leave for USA.. .

Regular follow up after 120 days … Homeopathic medicine for 2nd 4 month given and and i have told them to visit me again after 120 days…for 3rd round of treatment

Again they come after 123 days and took 4 month treatment…again they come .. total after 16 month of treatment I received mail from mother

Respected Dr.,

Kevin is doing very well. He is now not qualifying for speech therapy anymore, he passed the evaluation. He will still receive ABA and occupational therapy offered by state and we are also sending him for private therapy. We enrolled Kevin in a normal daycare preschool .The main teacher is good and taking good care so Kevin can understand her. He is doing good there.

Last medicine is now going to finish this week so I will start the new medicine next week and inform you about his progress.

A child of Research Scientist of Government of India, fully recovered from ASD without any therapy : Cured Cases

Namaste Doctor Saab, I am forwarding you the following :- 


It was hot summer of May 2015 . We had been to my in law’s place. Seeing my son (then 22 months old)  flapping his hands they would joke saying he will to fly like a bird.  We took it lightly least realizing that this was the tip of iceberg.

After coming back home. One evening I took my son to park for playing. Another kid just one month older than my son was also playing nearby. I observed her activities. She was much more responsive. I told her to jump-she jumped, touch the ground – she touched, pointed at the birds-she looked at them and many other similar activities. I realized that these type of activities were missing in my son. This was the trigger point. Difference between my son and the other kid was around 80%.

I started thinking and believing in my wife’s words in which she used to say since my son was 12 months that his learning, speaking and response is not upto the mark. Earlier I used to think as a mother my wife is over worried. And also a word in society that boy learns slower than girl.

Now, what to do? Where to go?…  Luckily one evening my wife told me about a neighbouring child who was not fluently speaking was taken to nearby hospital for Specially able children. We thought of going there.

After a few visits, full of Questions and Answers we were told that he was a child “with high risk of Autism”. Greatest shock of our life. Had a few nights without sleep. Started thinking what to do and what not to do. What he would do / not do in future ? A big Question in all directions?

Internet the first source of knowledge came to our rescue. Read about Autism and found out that my son had following symptoms :-

1)      Flapping hands.

2)      Circling around an object, standing near rotating objects (eg washing machine, spinning top etc)

3)      Very less eye contact.

4)      Low almost nil speech. (in fact he, had regression) Spoke few words at the age of 1 year and then stopped.

5)      Milk (other than mother’s ) did not suit him.

6)      Too much hyper.

7)      Playing with part of an object. Not the full object as a whole.

8)      Playing in isolation especially with small objects

9)      Used to cry seeing any outsider approaching us. 

10)   Most of the time he was Irritated (not joyful). Doctors co-relate this to hyperactivity.

11)   Not being able to blow nor suck from pipe.

12)    Used to cry at the mid of nigh for half hour with a total blank look.

13)   Sensitive to hair cut.

14)Â Â Â Sensitive to brushing teeth. Did not wish to eat anything (Never picking up an item to eat).

15)   Urinating in small containers.

After a few more visits to various such hospitals, in and out station, we confirmed ourselves that he was “with high risk of Autism”.

Acceptance the ‘The first step’

Luckily NIMH (National Institute of Mentally Handicapped) was nearby. We gathered courage to go there. After registration we were sent to early intervention department. After a long Q and A we were advised for diet control ie GFCF (no wheat and wheat products, no milk and milk products) and also sugar free food.  Digesting this itself was hard for us. Because 90% of food intake by my son was made from milk/wheat/sugar. The doctor from NIMH could understand my wife’s dilemma and she patiently encouraged her how to switch to this food.  It took around 2 months to switch to GFCF and sugar free food. But in the mean time we could realize a bit of improvement in my son’s eye contact. One evening my wife informed me that my son came and hugged her. This made us believe in GFCF and sugar free food.

The Second Step

We have the habit of interacting with other specially able child’s parents. It was in such interaction we heard about Dr Ketan Patel who visits our town once in 3 months. We went to see the doctor. After Observing my son for few minutes the Doctor was confident and assured me that he would become alright. He gave us the medicines. We were surprised that the medicines were already ready in his bag. Generally a homeopathic Doc asks a series of Q and then prepares the medicines. But Dr Ketan Patel was different. His confidence took us. We did not have much choice either.  By this time we knew there is no medicine in Allopathy. Ayurvedic medicines are very difficult to consume specially by a 2 year old child. Doc told that it will take minimum of 60 days to show some result.

The Take off …

Every day we gave the medicines as directed with great expectations. After around 45 days some positive effect started coming up. Every positive step son took was cherished by the whole family. I remember the day he started blowing at thermocol balls fallen on the floor. Day by day improvement was shown in all aspects. We never missed his dose of medicine (except a very very few).

We realized that improvement in some aspects was cyclic. His head banging reduced, and then  increased, then again reduced. After a few such cycles it diminished to Nil.

Now, he is 4+ yrs. Dr Ketan Patel’s medicines had worked. We had given it for almost 2 yrs. He has passed Nursery and currently studying in LKG (normal school). He is writing A-Z, a-z, 1 to 20, hindi alphabets, recognizes fruits, vegetables, animals, colors etc. Most importantly he is playing with other kids, socializing, communicating (asking questions) etc. Some oral sensory issue still persists like does not want to brush, difficulty in chewing (chews from left side of mouth only). Hoping these will also perish soon.

Points to ponder (from experience):-

  • Regular medicine – first dose empty stomach, eat nothing 15 min before and after the medicine
  • Massage daily head to toe with mild soothing music
  • Strict Diet control (as far as possible)
  • Try to visit public places ie maximize socialization.
  • Run / play (outdoor activity)Â with kid.
  • Be aware of therapy centers – specially ones which are non-transparent. Try to know feedback of Doctor/ therapy centers from social media too.
  • Be patient (most important of all).

I thank God for all his special blessings and also his representative (for us) Dr Ketan Patel for his bulls eye treatment. Thanking you.   Regards.

Hyperactive ASD CHILD : Cured Cases

Baby boy of 3 year 8 month from Mumbai India

Rizwan ( Changed Name ) 3year 8 month boy from Mumbai visited me on 7th May 2009 after 4 month of telephonic conversation as timings are not favoring for early appointments from both sides, from my side too much of traveling and family members are not ready to accept Homeopathy.

Fair Fatty Non Verbal Obstinate boy of 3 years 8 month from Mumbai bring to clinic by mother and 2 relatives, all the sign and symptoms of ASD, Neurologist of Mumbai diagnosed as High Functioning Autism, Medicine was prescribed to control hyperactivity and we are giving since last 3 month but not helping. Its difficult to manage this boy. He is on GFCF diet since last 3 month, we have got your reference from other parents, they insist your name and we meet their daughter who is taking your treatment.

I have write my observations and after completing history I requested them to visit clinic every 90 days, They come after completion of first 3 month medicine, next 3 month medicine given after observation… improvement starts after 120 days of medicine, again I have seen this boy after 3 month, boy started babbling and some time one unclear word, I have suggested them to go for Speech therapy.. Its best time.. Some how they are not managed speech therapist… Financial Problems.. Next 3 month medicine given.. Clear speech, 2 clear words together, more understanding, following his name and started following order too, Started learning A B C D and Numbers..

After regular follow ups and total 21 month of treatment… Mother bring her to me at Mumbai clinic in evening hours.. I ask him about his breakfast he replied correct… About lunch answer is correct…also he told me he will will go for Dinner at……. Restaurant for Biryani….

All developmental parameter achieved… Stopped medicine since last 2 month no regression… Only few tantrums twice / thrice a month.

My brother with autism… Treatment from Dr. Patel and brother is all different and after 28 months of treatment he is normal… Enshika T.

From small town of Uttar Pradesh we found a best doctor of autism on google…. My brother was suffering from autism since his birth but after he take treatment from Dr Ketan Patel of Speciality Homeopathy Ahmedabad, he is all different and after 28 months of treatment he is normal except few tantrums in a month.

Best part is no therapy as in my town no therapy center for Autism, and no supplement, only Homeopathy and his protocol.

Letter from mother of an ASD CHILD cured completely with Homeopathy

Hi Sir,

Thank you for your great treatment and your kind support in bringing my child to normal life… I am a physiotherapist, i was worried so much regarding my son’s health in the year 2014, because at that time he was not a normal one and a half year old kid, he did not recognize me, a pediatric neurologist suggested me to take him to occupational therapy, because he was hyperactive, some how i came to know about the GFCF diet through my seniors and i put him in that diet strictly.

Even after following that diet for one year his hyperactivity was little bit reduced, at the age of two and a half years old , he would speak but it was irrelevant. when we ask any question he would repeat the question rather than answering to it.

In the year 2015 i was searching for the best autism treatment in India, then i came to know about Dr.Ketan patel and his speciality homeopathy treatment, In net itself i could see so many positive remarks about sir in many forums, then i spoke to doctor via phone and i showed him my son via skype, then doctor also insisted GFCF diet, and he gave medicines for four months.

In the first four months itself we could see drastic changes in my son’s health and behavior, he started answering to questions properly and he started telling stories in a proper sequence, his hyperactivity is also reduced.

After four months of medicine i took my son to meet Doctor, he suggested us to put him in normal school.he started going to school, but he would not sit in one place in class.

After eight months of treatment, i took him to a family function, where he enjoyed with every one, usually he cries in a function hall so that i come back immediately from a function hall ,this time he was fine and enjoyed in function , his socialisation has improved very well.

After twelve months of treatment, he started sitting in class room and he started listening to teacher’s commands , he himself shows interest in doing homework, he started reciting even the toughest slokas, Doctor suggested us to stop medicines for him and to continue the GFCF diet.

After giving up the medicine for more than ten months he is fine in his routine, now Doctor has advised us to give all food items without restriction.i would like to thank Dr.Ketan Patel for his marvellous treatment and for his great support. Thank you sir, thank you so much.

Reply from a mother of congenital disorder – genetic syndrome with Autistic Traits Child

“Sorry Ms. Aggarwal We cannot help you” said one of the topmost doctor of India. These are the words which still echoes in my ear. Well, my story begins with my Special child born with genetic disorder. He was just 8 months when we got to know about this disorder. Our life took the 360o turn when we got to know that my son will not be normal, he will not be able to walk, speak or play like a normal kid. He will be just a piece of loath. But as a mother I never lose hope for him I still believed in therapies and treatment I continued with these till he was 3 year old. Even I have to listen the things from the therapist that “MAM AAP AISE CASE KE LIYE BHI HOPEFUL HO”. FOR EVERYBODY MY CHILD WAS MERELY A CASE NOT A HUMAN BEING. After taking so many therapies my child was not recovering at all. He was still nonverbal, didn’t had social skills and no command following or recognition as well.

He was not a normal child. Time was flying from our hand and we were losing hope day by day till we met Dr. Ketan Patel through one of the common friend. When we met with Dr. Ketan Patel for the first time what he observed that my child being 3 year old was nonverbal almost speechless, zero understanding , no social skills, less movement and highly sensitive child to work with. He was knowing it would be difficult but not impossible. The two things about him I liked that firstly for him my child was not a case, secondly the moment he saw he diagnosed that he is having any genetic disorder. He assured us that he would be fine in coming time. He had given us the medicines of four months and asked him to put on gluten free diet.

We had started giving him medicines. During first months I have observed that my child has started giving eye contact to us and secondly he started name responding also. Till the completion of first four months my child has started to understand single word commands. During second visit to Dr. Patel, I told doctor that I am happy with my child progress but he said “there is far way to go”. He again gave us the medicines for four months. These four months we saw the major changes in my child. He started babbling and started understanding the command given to him. He started recognizing to us as their mother and father.

Four months passed, we again met him, he again given us the medicines and asked to visit in next two months. This time my child started speaking single words. Again we met him after two months, now the doctor was very much sure that my child will overcome the problem. Now it’s been two years in touch with Dr. Ketan Patel, and there is no looking back, my child is improving day by day.

He has started walking, speaking, and understanding commands and concepts, developed social skills. My child has started going school (normal) also. So Dr. Ketan Patel Thank You so much to make impossible to possible, thank you for filling happiness and joy in my child and of course in our life. I hope sir you will continue your efforts in bringing light in life of such special needy children.”