• Autism
    Autism is a severe handicapping developmental disorder, which is diagnosed at birth or within the first 1.5 to 2.5 years of life. It is characterized by impairment in social skills, absent/impaired speech development, repetitive and/or stereotyped activities and interest, especially in inanimate objects. The symptomatology of ASD suggests involvement of neurological, endocrinal and gastrointestinal system. […]
  • Child Neurological Disorders
    Child Neurological Disorders Homeopathy Treatment – Dysmorphism, Genetic & Chromosomal Abnormalities Pediatric Neurological Disease Causes Of Neurological Damage in Children Hypoxic Brain Insult – Oxygen deprivation Acquired / Inherited Infection Developmental abnormalities of brain during gestation, Genetic and Chromosomal disorder Brain Cells Degenerative Disorder which destroys nerve cells, Toxins, Autoimmune Disorder, Mechanical Brain Injury, There […]
  • Down’s Syndrome
    Down’s syndrome is one of the most common genetic birth defects. It affects about 1 in 800 babies. Adults with Down syndrome may live about 60 years, but this can vary. Proper homeopathic medications can bring your child way to UP on track from DOWN SYNDROME  Let’s know more about DOWN SYNDROME in detail: Down […]
  • ADHD & ADD
    ADHD & ADD and Child Focusing Disorder ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a common neurodevelopment disorder that typically appears in early childhood, usually before the age of seven. It can get severe if not properly treated and taken care of; Kids suffering from ADHD needs a special attention, care and proper homeopathic […]
  • Mental Retardation
    It has been seen that Mental Retardation & CP Cerebral Palsy go together. IF the damage is in motor area of the cerebral cortex, it causes aberrations and difficulties in motor movements of body. we call it cerebral palsy. In case, the motor area escapes the damage but other areas like sensory areas, cognition areas, […]
  • Dyslexia
    Dyslexia, Learning Disability, Learning Difficulties, Slow Learners. The most common type of learning disability is Dyslexia, disparity between intellectual potential and achievement in reading and spelling means a learning disability in which someone has trouble understanding the written word. Dyslexia is sometimes called the “invisible disability” because no one knows a person has it unless […]
  • Child Behavioral Disorder
    PANS & PANDAS and Communicative Disorder in Children. PANS and PANDAS PANS stands for Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome PANDAS stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections  PANS encompasses whole group of acute onset cases of obsessive compulsive disorder whereas, PANDAS associated with specific infection and so it is one specific type. PANS […]
  • Cerebral Palsy
    Group of disorder of movement and posture because of defects and disease of brain, the damage may occur in Uterus during gestation, during birth process, or during he first few years of life. Cerebral Palsy is most common motor disorder in infants and children and is the commonest cause of physical disabilities in childhood. The […]
  • Atopic Dermatitis
    Atopic Dermatitis – Chronic Eczema Atopic dermatitis is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that affects the skin. The word “dermatitis” means inflammation of the skin. “Atopic” refers to a group of diseases that are hereditary (that is, run in families) and often occur together, including asthma, allergies such as hay fever, and Atopic dermatitis. In Atopic […]
  • MDR Tuberculosis
    MDR (Multi Drug Resistant) Tuberculosis Homeopathy Treatment Multiple Drug Resistance Tuberculosis is a great menace to humanity. Recently, incidence of MDR Tuberculosis is on rise. Improper, inadequate and defaulting treatments are the cause. More than 10 million patients in India are of Tuberculosis. We generally give Five or Six drug combination to prevent resistance in […]
  • Increase Height
    In today’s competitive time, smart ,charming personality has a lot to offer to face the sharpness of the competition. There may be many causes of short stature or height but predominantly following factors rule its development. Genetic / Racial factors :- e.g. Nepalese / Japanese Hormonal factors:- Thyroid / Pituitary / GH Nutritional factors:- Iodine […]
  • Hair Falling
    Hair Falling & BALDNESS – ALOPECIA AREATA Homeopathy Treatment Falling out of the hair is a frequent sequel of acute diseases, especially fevers. But then the loss is only temporary, and it grows again when convalescence is complete. Early loss of hair is often constitutional and hereditary, and sometimes it is due to affection of […]
  • Recurrent Abortions
    Prevent Abortion with Homeopathy A woman has three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions termed as recurrent abortions. The most important predictive factor is having previously miscarried. Primigravida and women with a history of successful pregnancies miscarry infrequently. Causes For Recurrence Abortions : The cause of most spontaneous abortion is unknown. Chromosome abnormalities in either parent. […]
  • Prolapsed Vertebral Disc
    It is the damage of the ligaments and nucleus pulposus of Spinal cord, so that protruding nucleus pulposus presses nerve roots causing severe radiating pains. Cause may be trauma or injury to ligaments. Here, homeopathy works very fast compared to other systems. In Allopathy, we have pain killers but they have to be taken daily […]
  • Male Infertility
    Increase Low Sperm Count and Motility – Fastest and Most Effective with Scientific treatment Oligospermia defined as less number of sperm in the ejaculate of the male or less than 20 million sperm per milliliter. Normal Sperm count : 20 million / milliliter to 120 million / milliliter Sperm count below 20 million/ml called Oligospermia. […]
  • Female Infertility
    Female Fertility Enhancement Treatment – Clear PCOS and PCOD There are many causes for infertility in male and female patients . On average 10% of the reproductive couples may be infertile. For our therapeutic purposes, we concentrate on few very common curable factors which contribute to a large population of childlessness. In female infertility important […]
  • Asthma & Allergy
    Everyone needs to breathe air into and out of the lungs. When we breathe inwards through our nose or mouth the air is taken into our windpipe (trachea). When it reaches our chest area the windpipe branches into two smaller tubes (Bronchi) which lead to each of our lungs. Inside our lungs the bronchi branch […]
  • Oligospermia
    Increase Low Sperm Count and Motility – Fastest and Most Effective with Scientific treatment Oligospermia defined as less number of sperm in the ejaculate of the male or less than 20 million sperm per milliliter.  Normal Sperm count : 20 million / milliliter to 120 million / milliliter Sperm count below 20 million/ml called Oligospermia. […]