ADD & ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Childhood disorder may continue till adulthood if maltreated or untreated during early age and may convert into Complex Disorder during adulthood, parents of such children have to be cautious about condition.

Identify ADHD child - Common Signs - Early Warning

Continuously busy in fruitless activities, Forgetfulness, forgets known persons name and even name of family members, known address in extreme cases., Changeable mood, unable to concentrate in given work, difficult for him to complete given task, in most of the cases school teacher complains that your child is not following instructions, always having incomplete homework. Restlessness, impulsive behavior and inattentiveness this trio prevalence in children are early sign of disorder.

How Homeopathic remedy helps ?

Constitutional homeopathy treatment strictly on individualization bases clears all signs and symptoms of children.

Hyperactivity become less with first 50 to 70 days of treatment, simultaneously memory improves. Child starts cooperation with parents and teachers.

Concentration in reading and writing improves as memory becomes sharp.

Restlessness both mental and physical or any presence before treatment stops with treatment advances.

Total treatment span require to achieve quality in child is 4 to 6 month. Dietic restriction helps to reduce total Treatment time.

Chances of AADHD (ADULTS WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER) is zero with constitutional homeopathic treatment.