Playback Singer with False Vocal Cord

Mr S L Age 40 years / male / Married comes with complain of mucous in throat after singing for more than 1 hour, mucous is blood stained. He complains about his voice, he lost clarity of voice since last 6 month, He consulted ENT surgeon for the same, Laryngoscopy reveals False Vocal Cord.

His complain

Doctor i am not able sing a song, my voice has changed and cracks while singing, pains in throat when I make empty swallowing, feels better when I drink little quantity of cold water, generally i am avoid cold water but i have to drink cold water in between to finish my song, now its difficult for me to sing for long time. 

Mr S L also complains about feeling tired all the time, increase in perspiration with yellow staining in armpit, fear of height and crowded place, Craving for sweet has increased, wants sweet after each food, gets angry easily.

Homeopathic medicine for 15 days prescribed on the basis of complain, on follow up he told that doctor i forgot to mention you about my chronic headache complain and headache is not there since last 10 days, my throat pain is less and very little improvement in cracked voice, further medicine was given to him for 30 days, there was phone call from him after 25 days, i am feeling better in my throat and my voice is clear as it was before, no headache.

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