Delayed Developmental Milestone

Ms Aiswarya ( U S A ) 2.6 year / Female Child / Vegetarian / FTND / Normal cry after birth no H/O Hypoxia / Delayed Developmental Milestone comes with her parents for evaluation.

Parent's View

Aiswarya doesn't know her name, she responds to only some words like stop and no, she only follows few commands, and is unable to use single word.

Aiswarya keeps herself occupied in her own world, avoids other people to see, even her cousins who stayed with her in joint family, never gives attention to any one, rarely keeps eye contact with her grand father and grand mother.

Aiswarya does not respond to her name, even when someone praise her she rarely response. Her response is too rare hardly 1 in 10 attempts. She rarely look at pictures, people and animals. She is not at all interested in art and painting, rarely plays with toys and she breaks toy easily. Lack of facial expression.

Other Associated Complain

Bed wetting thrice in a week, startles from sleep, perspires in sleep and cries at midnight, bores head in pillow, very lethargic. Fearful anxious look.

Anemic look, fear of storm, sometime faints after urination. Tonsils enlarged. Constipation, she has lean back to pass stool.

Foul offensive smells from body.

Mother had Urinary Tract Infection during second trimester.

Vaccination on normal schedule.

After Evaluating her case Medicine started in month of October 2003 and advised to come after 1 month.

After 1 Month started speaking few words like Daddy, car, ball, pen etc..

She started responding to words.

After completion of 2 months of treatment:

Gives smiles, no constipation, sound sleep.

Condition started improving every month. And after the completion of 8 months of treatment and now age of 3.4 months she started to go to kinder garden, playing with friends and speaking sentences.

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